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The album also shows off the strength of songwriting that has seen his work covered by artists of the calibre of Maura O'Connell, Art Garfunkel and Bonnie Raitt.  When did he start writing songs? "I wrote my first song back in the early 1970s when I was playing in Johnstons. One or two, at most, stand up but I think I was still a bit of a callow youth. Hopefully I got better."

The Brady Bunch is a sitcom created by Sherwood Schwartz. The show follows Mike Brady (Robert Reed), a widowed architect with sons Greg (Barry Williams), Peter ...

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Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, maybe the only good pranksters in the world, are responsible for bringing you the joy of yo-yo master K-Strass , bad cook Chef Keith , and strongmen Chop and Steele . And now they’re being sued by the company that owns one of the local stations who put them on the air. They’ve started a GoFundMe to cover their legal expenses. If you’re able and willing, they’re good, funny people, and they could sure use your help. [ GoFundMe ]

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Robert E. Lee, WJBK Detroit MI, July 11, 1963 (29:33)
. . Outstanding, AND he is Wild . . [Description by Uncle Ricky] This Exhibit 'SCOPED (08:49)

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1962 Newspaper ad for Robert E. Lee on WJBK (courtesy David Carson, "Rockin' Down The Dial") Robert E. Lee was born in Detroit and graduated from Cooley High School in 1950. Claiming to be an actual descendant of General Robert E. Lee, (and apparently not the Robert E. Lee heard later on WCFL ), Lee is remembered for opening his afternoon drive show on WJBK with a rebel yell . According to David Carson 's excellent 1999 book about Detroit radio, Rockin' Down The Dial , Lee later moved to Denver and worked at KHOW and KLZ , and is retired. It's Fender Bender Jumper Bumper Time with Lee, PAMS jingles and some decidedly Detroit Soul classics from The King Pins and The Olympics in this PM drive hour from The Motor City in July, 1963. The unscoped version of this exhibit features a full newscast reported by Allan Thayer . Return to the Repository TOP STREAM 32 Kbps (13 Khz)
Wake Up Show, WHBB Selma Alabama, June 24, 1964 (32:30)
. . is like trying to speed up the train with the whistle . . [Description by Uncle Ricky]

After Bobby watches a television adaptation of "Cinderella," older stepsisters Marcia and Jan tease him, then Carol asks for his help in sweeping the chimney. Bobby reasons that what he just saw on TV was correct: All stepmothers and stepsisters are evil. Feeling unloved and unwanted, he decides to run away.

Paul Brady Hard StationPaul Brady Hard StationPaul Brady Hard StationPaul Brady Hard Station